Shortchanged: how does your region measure up?

Join us in the fight for equal pay! A significant gap between men and women’s pay persists, and worringly it’s growing: currently at 17.1%  for full time workers, rising to 37% for part-time workers. The Equality Bill is the ideal opportunity to close the gap once and for all but the current provisions are weak. The bill is still making its way through Parliament so now’s the perfect time to lobby your MP to bring about the vital changes needed.

So what can you do? Well, you can find out how your region compares to the national average with our map of the pay gap across the country and send a letter to your local MP urging them to tackle the issue.

With the widest inequality concentrated in the areas where there is a concentration of highly paid jobs, London has the highest inequality and Wales the lowest.

The Office for National Statistics’ Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings shows that for hourly mean average earnings the regional differences in pay by percentage are:

  • Wales = 10.9%
  • Scotland = 13.6%
  • North East = 13.9%
  • Yorkshire & the Humber = 14.2%
  • North West = 15.5 %
  • West Midlands = 16.0%
  • South West = 16.3%
  • East Midlands = 16.4%
  • East = 18.2%
  • South East = 21.6%
  • London = 23.2%
  • How to get started

    Lobby your MP by using our straightforward template letter – find your MP’s address here. Follow the instructions and enter your regional pay gap percentage and send it off. It’s that easy. You can also send a letter to your local newspaper to up the momentum, again we have written a template letter for you.

    The more voices that speak out on this vital issue the more chance we have to bring about a once-in- a-generation change.


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