How do we close the gender pay gap?

In the UK, women working full-time are paid 17.1% less than men for doing equal value. This is down to three reasons:

Discrimination: paying women less than men for doing the same jobs or work of equal value is the single largest cause of the pay gap.

Motherhood penalty: In the UK, women still do the bulk of the caring work. Factors such as a lack of flexible working and the long working hours culture in the UK mean women pay a penalty at work for their caring role.

Undervaluing of tradional ‘women’s work’: jobs traditionally done by women, such as cleaning, catering and caring, are undervalued and paid less than jobs traditionally done by men.

So how do we close the gender pay gap?

The Equality Bill is currently being scrutinised in Parliament. It’s a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reform equal pay law. We’re asking for some key measures to be included in the Bill to tackle the gender pay gap:

-Mandatory pay audits, which would require all employers to conduct pay audits

-Representative actions, which would allow individuals collectively affected by systemic pay discrimination to make a claim as a group

-Hypothetical comparators, which would allow women to point to a hypothetical male comparator in pay discrimination claims.

This is what we’re lobbying for, and with Equal Pay Day we’re showing the Government how much public and political support there is for stronger measures in the Bill.

Get in touch!

Tell us what you think would close the gender pay gap, tell us your stories of pay discrimination, tell us about events you’re planning. We want to hear from you! Comment on our blog or email us at, or send us a message on Twitter.


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