Equal Pay Day – the countdown begins!

Equal Pay Day 2009

Equal Pay Day 2009

There’s just a month to go until Equal Pay Day 2009. In the run-up to 30th October individuals and groups across the UK will be taking action to mark the day that women effectively receive their last pay cheque of the year. This is because the 17.1% full-time gender pay gap is equivalent to men being paid all year round while women work for free after 30th October.

Equal Pay Day 2009 is calling on the Government to get tough on pay inequality in the UK.

Take action
Even if you only have fifteen minutes to spare – you can make a difference and help end the gender pay gap.
•    15 minutes to spare? Collect signatures for the EPD petition
•    20 minutes to spare? Write to your MP or local newspaper
•    30 minutes – 3 hours to spare? Distribute EPD materials
•    3 hours to spare? Visit your MP
•    ½ day to 1 ½ days to spare? Organise an event.


We’ve got EPD leaflets, posters and stickers for individuals and groups to use in their campaigning. You can also download an activist pack providing all the information you need to make your EPD actions a success.

Click here to visit the Fawcett Society website where you can download all our resources and information.

The gender pay gap isn’t inevitable. Equal Pay Day 2009 is our opportunity to do something about it.

Equal Pay Day 2009 is coordinated by the Fawcett Society and UNISON. For further information please contact Kat Banyard on 020 7253 2598 or email info@fawcettsociety.org.uk


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